FESS for a healthy nose this winter

The FESS® range of nasal sprays are designed to thin the nasal mucus and to wash away allergens, dust and pollutants, By using a FESS nasal spray everyday you can help your body to maintain better nasal health.

Little Coughs

Little Coughs is a pleasant tasting natural cough syrup based on an extract of ivy leaf, which acts as an expectorant. it helps to thin and loosen mucus, making it easier to help clear the chest of congestion.

FESS Little Noses

FESS Little Noses is a gentle saline solution that loosens and thins mucus to help clear a blocked nose, so your baby can breathe easier, naturally.

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FESS Nasal Spray

FESS Nasal Spray is a non-medicated, pH buffered, isotonic saline solution that provides relief for mild to moderate nasal congestion due to colds & flu, hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis.

FESS: Blow hayfever allergens away naturally

FESS: Don't put up with a blocked nose

FESS Nasal Spray helps clean and clear your nose so you can breathe easier naturally.

Children's Paedamin Decongestant and Antihistamine

Children's Paedamin Decongestant and Antihistamine provides fast temporary relief from cold and allergy symptoms.

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