Clear Eyes®

A range of solutions for eyes including: Redness, Allergy and Dryness.

Products in the range

Eye Mist by Clear Eyes 15mL

Eye Mist soothes dry and tired eyes. It moisturises and refreshes. Suitable for contact lenses and waterproof makeup.

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Murine Clear Eyes Wipes 30 Pack

MURINE® Clear eyes Gentle Cleansing Wipes are uniquely textured preservative-free, hypoallergenic wipes for effective, gentle cleaning of the eyelids and lashes.

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Clear Eyes 15mL

Clear Eyes™ is a uniquely formulated eye drop which soothes, moisturises and removes redness.

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Clear Eyes A 15mL

Clear Eyes™-A is a uniquely formulated eye drop that provides relief for red and itchy eyes.

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Clear Eyes-D 15mL

Clear Eyes™-D is a gently buffered solution specially formulated to soothe and moisturise dry eyes

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